Jomini Solutions Inc.

is your active global partner committed to achieving the next stage of corporate and solution growth






Active since 2001 in global markets, Jomini ensures the achievement of highly set and shared objectives.  The focus on commercialisation of technologies from government and private research allowed Jomini to branch out into various sectors and markets, working to meet agreed to goals and objectives.  This in turn increased the scope of the business from manufacturing to transportation and power generation, followed by environmental capabilities that has grown in scope and need with the changes in global business and investment.  With the issues raised due to the pandemic, Jomini was challenged by existing clients who operate in public spaces and those concerned about employee health, to find best in class solutions regarding healthy environments.  The led Jomini to source new solutions that have been deployed to assist these clients address these concerns.

This history includes:

Commercialization of new ideas, technology, products, and services.

Project development/management and solution deployments in highly complex global business and political environments.

Exploiting our history in international carbon markets to maximize environmental opportunities, making use of ISO 14064 and working within Article 6 of the Paris Accord, mitigating risk, creating strategies to address Environmental Social and Governance (“ESG”) investors, making use of internationally recognized standards to exploit financial and marketing environmental opportunities, and reporting for government and sector organisations.

Providing solutions to industrial decarbonisation, including low carbon or Net-Zero energy needs, and supply chain assessments for carbon emission reductions.

Leading the representation in the marketplace of nascent solutions or increasing exposure of existing solutions.

Leading the sales and marketing efforts to connect solutions for maximum value.

Recent Projects

Jomini has introduced and led technology deployments for:

  • The world’s third largest automotive parts manufacturer.
  • Leading North American Railways and Transit Authorities
  • Global leaders in ‘clean’ energy generation/development and distribution
  • Environmental product developments for the transportation industry, including for Canada’s largest retailer and North America’s fourth largest waste-management company

Jomini has led projects for:

  • National and Provincial Environmental Initiatives.
  • Led industry discussions on behalf of Governments to address policy needs for post COVID business operations
  • W2E and hydroelectric energy generation in multiple continents
  • Financing of rare-earth mining opportunities

Jomini has delivered environmental carbon offsets and strategies for:

  • Canada’s largest financial institutions
  • Canada’s largest media and telecommunications organization
  • Canada’s oil and gas industry including power generation and insulation solutions
  • Leading transportation organizations across North America
  • Low carbon gas generation and distribution

In the Future:

Jomini is engaged with the development and deployment of the Hydrogen Reduction Technology (“HRT”)


  • that can transform numerous waste streams into either Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) of Hydrogen, with no atmospheric emissions.  This technology can be applied to produce zero-carbon gas for electricity/energy generation, transportation fleets, both rubber and steel wheeled vehicles and the marine sector.

Jomini Difference

Jomini Solutions Inc. fills a unique position in the marketplace.  We commercialize ideas, innovations, products, and services by providing key ‘connections’ that allow for the next level of business growth to be achieved.  Through valuable connections and learning, Jomini focuses on the operational benefits and environmental positioning of a solution, with a focus on value to the customer and economic success to the provider.

Jomini Solutions Inc. maintains an international network with whom we regularly interact.  This allows us to share new ideas, concepts, and non-core solutions to develop strategic partnerships that create a win-win scenario for the operating parties. The network also provides vital market intelligence that allows us to assess the risk-impact-probability equation.  As a result, we have proven value at the highest levels in several industry sectors, providing the best strategic and/or tactical path.  This network includes boutique and large international companies; all are leaders in their fields.

As a result of a request by Government, Jomini was involved in what would become ISO 14064– a process that allows for qualification and quantification of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reductions that may stem from a technology/solution.  In every case, Jomini undertakes to maximize the economic and marketing benefits that would be available for the solution proponent and the user of these solutions.  Jomini ensures all solutions that are promoted in the network can deliver in this manner.

In each case, our effort is not limited to the Strategic or Tactical planning, it includes a hands-on effort to confirm and lead the way to the next stage of growth development.   We practice a Jomini Process that meets clearly established objectives; we spare no effort, and do not “pass a fault’ as we endeavor to meet the challenges through our active partnerships

Strategy determines where and when to act….”

Jomini 1837

We at Jomini are focused on bringing proven value to our network; indeed, our access to decision makers is privileged as a result of our assessment and discretion.  We have earned the opportunity to participate in strategic discussions as a result of the value proposition that we are entrusted to bring to our partners.

Tactics decide the manner of execution and the employment of the resources….”

Jomini 1837

The Jomini Process involves a strategic approach to fully understand the nature of the innovation, harness the true value of the opportunity, and determine the best exploitation strategy.  A tactical focus is then taken, to deliver cost-effective results, whether via partnership, direct sales and marketing efforts, or a sales, royalty, or licensing arrangement.

The four step Jomini Process is:

OPPORTUNITY.  Through a consultative approach, we will gain a thorough understanding of your idea, product, service, or innovation.  We will clearly define a profitable and unique value proposition, and begin to introduce it to the Jomini Network, to determine an understanding of value across various industries, sectors, and market segments.

PARTNERSHIP.  Jomini will create a relationship that includes clearly defined and achievable objectives.  Different partnership options include venture capital and joint ownership, virtual representation, relationship brokering, business connecting, direct sales and marketing campaigns.

GROWTH.  Jomini will create, and implement if required, a tactical plan designed to achieve growth in target markets and selected business arenas.  Jomini provides skilled advice, planning, and resources to facilitate growth management.  Jomini can also be active in product and service life cycle management and future growth by penetrating new markets and enhancing existing solution value.

SUCCESS.  Jomini focuses on delivering value to our clients, our customers, our partners, and to our network.   This sharing of success drives us to deliver an innovative product, service, or idea to the right connections, for maximum results

Why are we called “Jomini”?

Jomini was a banker turned strategist who espoused principles that allowed for the right decisions to be made at the right time.  His scientific approach allowed for a step-by-step analysis of varying options to assist in the decision-making process.  From a strategic objective to the proper use of resources at the tactical level, an action plan can be developed that leads to operational success.  His basic ideas have survived as a ‘mode of thinking’ that have been taught and practiced with significance since his early publications.

Who Was Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini

Jomini was born in Switzerland in 1799 and entered the banking profession in Paris.  Inspired by Napoleon, he joined the Helvetian Legion in 1798.  His natural military talent led to rapid promotion where he served in a number of high-profile appointments as a result of efforts that caught the eye of Napoleon.  He clashed with Napoleon’s Chief of Staff, and left the French Service to join with the Allies, taking a commission in the Russian Army in time for the 1814 campaign.  He remained in Russian service for some time, but settled in Paris upon retirement.

He wrote a number of texts although his last, and most famous book, “The Art of War” was published in 1838, was considered to be one of two landmark books on warfare in the 19 century.  Its impact has been significant: politicians, business leaders and military professionals have been influenced by principles that have been codified in nine operational doctrines regarding decision making and the employment of resources.  His impact was immediate and direct on the education of U.S. Military officers and resulted in military and business theories that have been taught at leading educational facilities in many countries.  Although written in a different time, the applications of his principles are as relevant for the professional now, as they were in his own time.