Jomini Health Solutions

As a result of COVID, Jomini was asked to provide solutions that would assist a number of clients.  Given the changing of seats for drivers, and transit agencies with large public areas, the search included finding environmental solutions for cleaning, for improving air quality and hand sanitising.  For each category, Jomini delivered solutions that er non-toxic, extremely cost effective, and unique.  Each has received awards for performance and exceeds the business as usual.

Indoor Air Quality: AirProTech

The COVID pandemic identified and made conscious the issues surrounding the quality of air in enclosed spaces.  Viruses, bacteria etc., spreads indoors through aerosols — droplets suspended in the air we breathe.  The solution: high-powered UVC-LED lights designed to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi spores, mold, and more, beyond 99.999%.

The germ-controlling lights in the existing HVAC heating and cooling systems of buildings and rooms where the harmful ultraviolet beams are shielded from exposure. The high-intensity lights attack the pathogens by incapacitating their RNA and DNA strands, and dramatically improving the safety of the indoor air for schools, restaurants, office buildings, homes, athletic facilities, concert venues, livestock barns — you name it.

A significant difference is the installation of sensors to provide real-time, fault-detection information on the UVC-LED performance and to monitor air-quality metrics such as CO2, bacteria, mold, PM 2.5, NO2 and VOCs.  In this way, clients can “Tune the Room,” knowing the real-time issues surrounding conference room use, classrooms and open areas to the public as the air changes, allowing for the adjustment as needed.  This solution has achieved standing with the IUS and Canadian governments as it effectively cleans the air.  Testing must take into consideration that air is a movie and not a picture, meaning that complex testing was executed to ensure the efficacy of the technology.  The manufacturing of these units allows for every component to be recycled after their 10 year+ life span.

The cost-effective AirProTech UVC-LED System allows people in these spaces to “Breathe Easy.”

A full product sheet and SDS are available on request.

Hypochlorous Acid - A Healthy and Powerful Clean

The surface cleaning solution now available is the first that makes use of a nature-derived, pH-balanced, hypochlorous acid (HOCl)-based cleaning and disinfecting solution so powerful that it kills the Covid-19 virus in 60 seconds.

This chemistry is produced in the highest quality and tested to meet every necessary EPA and Health Canada standard. It has been deemed a category IV substance (the least toxic) and are one of the few disinfectants approved for use in electrostatic sprayers.  The HOCL is a compound produced naturally by the human body as a part of our immune system known for fighting infection and bacteria.

This non-corrosive solution is the necessary alternative to dangerous quaternary ammonium compounds and other harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning products.  This solution poses no inhalation risk.

Due to the non-toxic nature and high performance (test results available), use of the solution allows for The Global Biorisk Advisory Council®, a Division of ISSA, Accreditation includes free training. This has and continues to deliver best in class cleaning strategies.  This solution kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and does not require gloves or masks (PPE) when using and does not require wiping.

Environmentally, as a non-toxic solution it has also been seen as the environmental choice, with Green Seal, ISSA and OMRI approvals.