Hydrogen Reduction Technology

The recently patented Hydrogen Reduction Technology (“HRT”) is a proven solution that now enters its second generation.  This HRT provides a panacea to two significant issues: one, issues resulting from wastes (especially hazardous wastes); and two, low/zero carbon gas as a fuel source, hydrogen, or RNG.  The system delivers a secure source of energy, reliable, modular and can be deployed directly at the source of need and/or use.  Use of the technology does not create tar or atmospheric emissions.  Environmentally, this technology delivers on greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emission reductions in both the input and output measures, a totally unique and profitable development in the clean energy sector.

Inputs Include:

      • Used POLs, Coal, Bitumen
      • Hazardous Materials: PCBs, Explosives, Chemicals etc.
      • Contaminated Soil
      • Municipal Solid Waste: No Blue/Green/Grey bins- just bags
        • Total diversion possible
        • No sorting/drying required
      • Plastics, Sewage Sludge
      • Any metals fall-out and can be recycled

Outputs- Energy

      • Renewable Natural Gas- pipeline quality/grade
      • Hydrogen
      • Deployed locally-at the point of the input or output need for transportation needs or decarbonization requirements